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    David Carney

    K-5 Physical Education Teacher


    David Carney is a physical education teacher in Fort Myers, Florida. He has over 20 years in education between the classroom and physed. His class sizes range from 100-135 students (K-5) per class with 2-3 paraprofessionals. He lives with his wife, Nicole and their two children, David and Savannah.

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  • The Main Characters of the Story

    Jay Carter

    Jay is 21 years old and a struggling physical education teacher in Gulf Port, Florida. His family owns a grocery store and he's wondering what direction to take in his career.

    Savannah Davis (AKA The Teacher)

    Savannah is a veteran physical education teacher who is a leader in the district. Jay reaches out to her for guidance. She has some interesting friends she wants Jay to meet!

    Nicholas Wheeler (AKA The Chef)

    Nicholas is an award winning chef and restaurant owner. Savannah takes Jay to his his restaurant, Arete for lunch and much more.

    Zack Mitchell (AKA The Hockey Player)

    Zack is a hockey prodigy, drafted #1 overall by the Nashville Predators. He's rehabbing in the minors where Savannah works and where he and Jay meet.

  • What People Are Saying

    Praise for the High Fives and Empowering Lives

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    Ben Landers

    Teaching and Online Business


    Wait! Do yourself a favor before you start reading this book and grab a highlighter and a pen, because if you take action on the principles in Dave's book it might just change your life.

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    Mike Graham

    Elementary Physical Education Teacher

    If you've taught for any length of time you are probably familiar with the feelings of fatigue, exhaustion, and maybe even burnout. High Fives and Empowering Lives brings a fresh perspective to education through a series of 9 fundamental values every teacher should strive to embrace. Wonderfully told, there are nuggets of wisdom in this book for everyone!

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    Laura Gunderson

    Elementary PE Teacher

    This short yet powerful read is perfect for anyone teaching or not who are looking to better themselves. As a teacher of 15+ years, this book made me realize what parts of the PE9 I was needing to refocus on.

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    Erik Myer

    Supervisor of Health and Physical Education

    Dave does a great job of incorporating a lot of information to help any PE teacher young or old to up their game and to become a great teacher.

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    Becky Bush

    Physical Education Teacher

    I think this is a great book for 1st year teachers and veterans alike. It will give you a jumping point if you are new and struggling or a refresh if you are seasoned and feeling a little stuck.

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