Cover Design

Hi Friends,

As I begin my blog posts on my book, "The Teacher, the Chef and the Hockey Player", I've been wondering a few things as a first time author. I asked some people in the physed world along with my family about the cover of my book. The example above was actually the first design. This is a mock-up of what it was going to look like in print. I really liked it, but I wasn't sure it represented my characters as I saw them. Most people I talked to agreed, so I went with a more abstract, symbol-based cover where the reader could visualize the characters for themselves. The more time goes by I'm wondering if I made the right choice (I believe I did), and if I should make a separate cover for readers who like to see what the characters might look like (I'm not sure). What are your thoughts? I'd love some feedback on this topic. Thanks so much!